trump sign healthcare President Trump Stands Up for People with Down Syndrome

After Congress failed to deliver a new healthcare act, President Donald Trump has revealed that he is ready to take the matters into his own hands and sign a new healthcare order this week.

Details revealed that the commander-in-chief made his announcement this Tuesday, saying that he will likely sign an order which is expected to allow Americans to buy stripped-down health insurance policies, a step which many experts consider to be undermining of the Obamacare law which the POTUS opposes.

Since he couldn’t dismantle the 2010 healthcare plan set in motion by the Obama administration, thanks to Arizona Senator John McCain who refused to give his vote for its repeal and replacement, Trump indicated he would take unilateral action, offering very few specifics aside from claiming his action would let people cross state lines to obtain competitive healthcare that would cost the U.S. “nothing.”

The goal that Trump has in mind for the order is that it would allow smaller businesses as well as individuals to come together as associations to buy health insurance plans which would be exempt from some Obamacare requirements, including mandatory coverage for 10 essential health benefits such as a newborn care and maternity care, as well as mental health treatment and prescription drugs.

“I’ll also be signing something, probably this week, which is going to go a long way to take care of many of the people that have been so badly hurt on healthcare,” Trump told reporters in the Oval Office, adding, “With Congress the way it is, I decided to take it upon myself,” before explaining how his plan was “largely worked out.”

USA News Flash


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