As we all know, Hurricane Irma took a turn for Florida over the course of this weekend, once again sending the nation into a state of emergency and rising it to its feet, helping in any way to the residents who for some reason couldn’t or didn’t evacuate.

The POTUS held a cabinet meeting earlier in order to prepare for everything that Irma had in store. The meeting was held at Camp David where the leaders in attendance discussed the projected track and potential impact of Hurricane Irma as it was approaching Florida, however, a photograph taken from the room as everyone was getting ready to start the discussions left viewers in disbelief over what was hiding in plain sight.

As soon as the picture was released on the internet, it went viral, as it showed the cabinet members doing something that hadn’t happened eight whole years under the Obama leadership – praying.

This goes on to show how much President Trump and the people within that room care for their people and are dedicated to do as much as their can, within their limit of power, to help the people affected and those in need, even if it means striking a deal with some of the biggest rivals in the political arena. President Trump and his cabinet members without a doubt, deserve our support for their actions, and they are leaders to be proud of!



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