Noam Chomsky Argues Trump

American philosopher, author, and scientist Noam Chomsky bucked two-party politics in 2017 and accused Republican and Democratic elites alike of using Trump as a distraction while they destroy America.

As The Free Thought Project reports, Chomsky has long been outspoken about how the corporate mass media has been pushing propaganda on the American people.

In his 2017 interview for the American Association of Geographers, Chomsky discussed how this concept relates to the Trump Administration.

“What’s going on is a very systematic two-tiered operation,” he said. “One of them is Trump, Bannon, the effort to make sure you capture the headlines.”

“One crazy thing after another just to capture people’s attention,” he continued. “While everything is focusing on that, the Paul Ryan Republicans, who are… the most dangerous and savage group in the country, are busy implementing programs that they have been talking quietly about for years.”

“Take a look at the cabinet,” he continued, arguing that each official is destroying faith in that part of government.

“I doubt that Trump planned it. My impression is that his only ideology is ‘me.’ But whoever is working on it is doing a pretty effective job, and the Democrats are cooperating – cooperating in a very striking way.”

Chomsky went on to argue that Democrats are complicit in all of this through their reliance on the Trump/Russia narrative.

“So maybe members of his transition team contacted the Russians,” Chomsky stated. “Is that really a bad thing? Recent ambassador to Russia, Jack Matlock… pointed out that ‘It’s exactly what you should be doing. It’s the job of ambassadors and diplomats coming in.’”

He added, “That’s what the Democrats are focusing on… other things are going on and they’re not saying anything about them.”

Check out the full powerful interview with Noam Chomsky below.

What do you think? Do you agree with Noam Chomsky?

The Free Thought Project


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