Florida Shows Complete Devastation After Hurricane Irma

Drone footage of Naples, Florida give a clear picture of the aftermath of Hurricane Irma after it swept through the area at about 5pm eastern time Sunday.

Naples is located on the west coast of Florida and suffered significant flooding with Irma made landfall.

As seen in the video footage below, many homes have suffered significant damage. Roof damage can be seen on many of the houses along with the obvious flooding.

However, despite what looks like a complete disaster zone, officials state they were expecting much worse from the storm. Minimal structural damage is being reported and flooding is not high as officials anticipated.

Dan Summers, the director of emergency services for Collier County stated:

“We have dodged a bullet with the storm’s track.”

Basically, the storm surge present was expected and there will be some clean up needed, but officials were ready for such weather and are more than prepared to take care of the outcome.

However, pipelines have burst in the area, so residents of Naples, Florida are under a boil water advisory.

You can check out the drone footage below:

Flooding was a common problem throughout Florida. Many cities and downs experienced severe storm surges due to the hurricane. However, Florida is used to dealing with hurricanes and will bounce back.

 Florida Shows Complete Devastation After Hurricane Irma



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