Condoleezza Rice destroys anti-Trump liberals

The Former Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, resurfaced making a surprise appearance on Fox & Friends this week, to announce her upcoming book, “Democracy: Stories from the Long Road to Freedom.”

But that wasn’t all, as Rice went on to send a harsh message to liberals, who are trying to erase history by eliminating everything “offensive” such as the Confederate War monuments.

From what reports reveal, Rice wasn’t holding back or ashamed of our nation’s history, both the bad and the good, including even the part which involves slavery. When asked how she felt in this Constitution as an African-American woman by host Brian Kilmeade, Condoleezza, went on to answer:

“Do you think that, when we look at nine of our first twelve presidents as slave owners, should we start taking their statues down and say, we’re embarrassed by you?”

She went on to explain how she believes in keeping history before you, saying how she doesn’t want to rename things which were named after slave owners, but instead, her goal is to look at their names and realize what they did, adding to “be able to tell our kids what they did and for them to have a sense of their own history.”

Rice went on to say that things are going for the worst when you start wiping out your history, sanitizing it to make yourself feel better.


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