Crane Collapses As Hurricane Irma Hits Miami

Although not in the direct path of Hurricane Irma, Miami and other parts of Southern Florida are taking quite a beating from this monster storm.

Flooded streets, flying debris and other hurricane related issues are plaguing many people who decided to stay behind. (And will continue to plague everyone else for months to come.)

Hurricane force winds and rain are knocking down trees and flooding streets.

Residents near the incident heard a large crack before the crane collapsed. The city of Miami released a warning and instructed people on how to seek shelter if they were in the building during the accident.

This should come as no surprise as the City of Miami released a warning 5 days ago about the danger of high rise cranes and hurricane force weather.

The storm surge in the area is unreal.

One man shows the extreme strength of the wind in a video below:

Please, stay safe everyone!



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