Salt Lamps Can Help People With Anxiety! Here’s What You Need To Know!

Salt Lamps Can Help People With Anxiety

In our world overrun with technology, it appears that stress and anxiety have been on the rise for quite a long time. We have discussed lots of natural remedies for anxiety in the past, but we wish to discuss the Himalayan salt lamp as a viable solution for stress and anxiety today.

Wireless technology releases positive ions into the environment, which cause our systems to become imbalanced, and increase stress and anxiety. Negative ions found in nature help to keep anxiety and stress at bay, which explains why many of us feel more energized and alert while outdoors.

Negative ions increase the flow of oxygen to the brain; resulting in higher alertness, reduced drowsiness, and more mental energy.
Also, negative ions can help protect us from bacteria and germs in the air, successfully cleaning the air and getting rid of harmful irritants. Himalayan salt lamps can work wonders for many conditions, however we’ll talk about how they aid with anxiety more below.

Here’s How Salt Lamps Are Helping People With Anxiety

Himalayan salt lights release negative ions into the air, which lower stress and anxiety, and promote a relaxing, peaceful environment for sleep. Because Himalayan salt occurs naturally in the Earth, it automatically emits positive ions, just as you can find in waterfalls, oceans, and other natural features on our world.
Himalayan salt lamps are simply a big piece of pure Himalayan salt carved out into a lamp with a little bulb on the inside. They can be found in many different sizes, and you can place them all around your home in whatever room you desire. However, be sure to at least put them in the bed rooms, as they will help create a peaceful environment for sleep.

Himalayan rock salt itself can minimize cholesterol and blood pressure, and contains 84 trace minerals essential to your health. Also, Himalayan salt regulates the water content in your body, promotes a healthy pH, controls sleep, helps to keep your bones strong, and far more. For that reason, it needs to come as no surprise that Himalayan salt lamps also have numerous health advantages.

In our world today, we have become inundated with “electronic smog” from all the radioactive waves from technology. Our smartphones, laptops, routers, TVs, and other electronic devices that being in our rooms discharge these harmful waves every time we have them on, and can interfere with sleep, cause mental health problems, as well as cancer sometimes.
Therefore, it’s essential that we do all we can to neutralize these damaging positive ions by bringing as much nature as possible into our homes. In addition to Himalayan salt lamps, you can purchase little plants to place around your space to increase oxygen levels and negative ions.
The bigger light you purchase, the more negative ions it will release into the room, so keep this in mind when buying your salt lamp!