As you know, President Trump is holding a rally in Pennsylvania right now in order to celebrate his 100th day in office. As he is holding rally, there is a “White House Correspondent’s Dinner” happening at the moment, and the media isn’t covering his appearance at Pennsylvania.

Because of the media’s concentration to the dinner, everyone thought it would be a small turnout for Trump.

Well, they are wrong…

The moment when Trump stepped out of Air Force One, he looked at the horizon and saw a MAJOR sign from god, that he is doing a wonderful job.

As President Trump landed in Pennsylvania, he was greeted by American soldiers, along with thousands supporters. The supporters started lining up at 5:30 AM, and made a line for more than a mile!

But wait till you see who was at the top of the waiting line…

At the front of that line, is a 10-year-old boy reading Trump’s book, “The Art of The Deal.”


Here’s a video of President Trump greeting the soldiers as he steps off Air Force One.

And here’s a video proof of how big the line was…


This is another proof that the Americans still support him, beside everything! Do you still support President Trump?

By the way here’s his full speech in Harrisburg!

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