Look Closely At This Photo of Two Cops. It’s Going Viral For One STUNNING Reason


When you post a picture on social media, you’re never quite sure who will see it.

That was the case for officer Brittany Beard Hilton of Texas, who posted this photo of her and her husband, fellow officer Steven, to her Facebook page, not knowing it would go viral with over 100,000 shares for one unexpected reason.

In other words, they spent the holiday protecting the people of their city instead of spending it at home with their family.Look Closely At This Photo of Two Cops

Brittany posted the photo in response to the negative criticism law enforcement has been receiving, and to remind people that police risk their lives and make sacrifices for their families.

“Before you say hateful things and put all officers in a category….remember we are all individuals attached to a delicate thin blue line,” she said. “We are attacked daily and getting killed just for putting on a badge. You voice your opinion, and rally against law enforcement over tickets!! We are risking our lives.”Look Closely At This Photo of Two Cops

The photo serves to remind us that the law enforcement community is full of brave, heroic, and compassionate people.

And for that, we’re all thankful.

Source: twentytwowords.com