FBI Discovers SMOKING GUN That Could Put Hillary Clinton In JAIL

Put Hillary Clinton In JAIL

This week, James Comey, the controversial FBI Director went before the Senate Judiciary Committee to discuss his Hillary Clinton investigation. During his testimony, he took the time to explain how the FBI had managed to obtain an email that was in possession of Russian hackers.

The email showed that the former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who was Obama’s crony, would do everything she could to protect the prosecution of Hillary, and this might be the smoking gun that Republicans have been waiting.

According to reports, Comey didn’t provide further information on who sent the email and to whom it was sent, but many believe it was sent from someone who was working closely with Lynch, and sent to someone who was worried about Clinton going down in flames, meaning someone significantly close to Clinton.

Herridge also pointed out at the end of the segment that Comey suggested he was boxed in by Lynch, and she was talking about the following:

I don’t think he’s just talking about the meeting Lynch had with Bill Clinton. It sounds like she boxed him in – in more ways that just that meeting. If that new email is any indication, she very likely coerced him directly, pushing him to play the ‘no intent’ defense for Clinton and her aides.

If you ask us, obstruction of justice is a crime just like murder and treason, and she deserves to be indicted, locked up with and left to pay for her crimes against the American people.